Interesting and Unusual University Assignments

One of the best (and scariest) experience in university is the assignment. A typical assignment would involve brainstorming ideas, researching, executing, and writing a report. It may sound dull but it isn’t always have to be that way.

Just as how workplace is becoming more creative in culturing a fun environment, lecturers are assigning interesting work that will make learning even cooler than before!

Personality Test – How It Can Benefit You in University and Future Career (part 2/2)

Last week’s articles took a sneak peak into the personality test of RIASEC. John Holland, a psychologist, narrowed down 6 forms of personality aspects that he believes each of us have, but with different degree of strengths. We explored three of the codes last week (Realistic, Investigative, and Artistic) and will continue with the remaining three codes this week – Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.