5 Things to Avoid When Applying for Scholarships Online

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Many scholarship sponsors are now going digital online. This means that there could be more scholarship applications and becomes more competitive. So, do stand out for the right reasons and avoid these 5 common mistakes students make when applying for scholarships online.

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  1. Missing out on the scholarship details

Avoid: A common mistake that many applicants do is that they apply to multiple scholarships but these scholarships are offered by the SAME sponsor!

Do this instead: One of the most important things to do when applying for scholarship is to research and read the fine details of the scholarship. This includes finding out the scholarship quantum/package, sponsored course, sponsor details, and terms and conditions. Don’t forget to do your homework by comparing different scholarships and different sponsors!

  1. Forgetting that you applied for the scholarship

Avoid: “Did I apply for this scholarship? I don’t remember…” This is a big Do Not Do!

Do this instead: Always record and keep track of which scholarship you applied for. If you received a call or an offer letter/email from a potential sponsor about a scholarship that you forgotten about, politely request for repeat of information if truly forgotten. “I am sorry, it must have slipped my mind. Perhaps, you could share with me again on when the application was sent.”


  1. Highlighting poor written language

Avoid: Forgetting to do spellcheck and proofreading throughout your application

Do this instead: Please do mind your language and manners when completing the forms. Someone will be processing your application; hence, you still need to represent yourself well through your writings and sentences. Watch out for grammar and spelling mistake and unnecessary long sentences. Take some time to double and triple check your application before you hit the submit button!

Bonus: Reduce ahh and umms during your interview with the sponsor. Greet your sponsor by name if you can (eg. Mr, Ms, Sir, etc).  Take your time to answer questions as you are understandably taking time to think of a good response or reply.

  1. Lack of documents and attachments

Avoid: Forgetting to submit documents on time (and having sponsors to remind you about it!)

Do this instead: Provide necessary attachments when applying for any scholarships. Standard required documents are your latest results transcripts, scanned Identification Card or passport details, and recommendation letters (if you have any). Make the sponsor’s work easier as they have to process many applications. This will leave them with a good first impression of you too.

Bonus: If you choose to upload a picture, please provide a professional picture rather than a casual one. Again, first impression matters!


  1. Not following up after you have submitted your applications

Avoid: Keeping quiet and being passive about your scholarship status

Do this instead: Send at least one follow-up email to introduce yourself and politely request for a scholarship application status or update. This indicates that you are proactive and takes initiative in addition to being responsible as a young adult. Sometimes there are many scholarship applications but by following up, you make yourself stand out for all the right reasons!


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