7 Productive Ideas to Do While Waiting for SPM Results

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Congratulations! Now that SPM is over for a few weeks, you may not realize the meaning of this until it’s the first day of school and you don’t have to prepare for anything. No need to shop for school uniforms, buy textbooks, or wake up too early in the morning.

After two weeks of feeling this way, this question starts to hit you:

What do I do now?

Some of your friends are already enrolled into a pre-university programme (e.g. Foundation, Matriculation, A-Levels, SAM, CIMP, AUSMAT, etc) while you feel that you need to take some time off to rest before going back to studies. How do you spend the next three months until SPM results are released in March? We have 7 ideas to share with you:

  1. Get your driver’s license

This is probably the most important thing for you aside from waiting for SPM results to be released. Do take your driver’s license examinations as soon as you can as you need to attend classes, training, and wait for an available slot to take the driving test.


Picture from The Cartoonist Group
  1. Create your resume or portfolio

There is no better time to build your resume than now. It is important to compile your list of achievements, certificates, and past recognitions onto a piece of paper. Write down your school history and the results of major exams (e.g. SPM trial results and PT3). What are your co-curriculum positions, projects, and accomplishments? You may need references from your teachers and important advisors too.

  1. Volunteer


Teach kids how to read. Build a house. Clean up or repaint the old folks’ homes. If you are passionate about helping people or making a difference, start today. One of the places you can find these projects is Do Something Good. This will make a big difference when you apply for scholarships (especially one that offers full tuition fee coverage) as you may need to write a personal statement or an essay (sample topics are why do you deserve the scholarship, where do you see yourself in 5 years, or what do you want to achieve in life).

  1. Work part-time

Add to your resume by signing up to work part-time. Not only do you gain valuable experience such as administration skills, you will start building your network too. Network refers to professional connection and relationship. As jobs are getting very competitive, sometimes it’s not just the skills, great exam results, or knowledge that you have but rather, it’s the people that you know who may give you your first step into the working world.

  1. Experience nature-filled activities


Go hiking and jungle trekking. Take in the scenery of the breathtaking paddy field. Break out from being in a room and experience nature-filled activities with your friends and family. Rediscover yourself again and renew your motivation for the year!

  1. Learn a new language


Picture from Lingua Schools

Have you wished that you understood the conversation behind the popular Korean and Taiwan shows? Now, you have some spare time to learn the language! Take a short course to learn the basics and advanced mastery of the language that you want. Want to master the romantic language of France? How about Mandarin? Maybe try Spanish?

  1. Take a short course

How about learning something new altogether for a short 3 months? Maybe some coding or programming skills. This is very helpful if you are passionate about a specific field of studies but you are unsure if it is what you want to pursue in your college/university days. Pursue social media marketing, creative design, programming, painting, or any other courses you have in mind.


In short, these 3 months can be very exciting for you to learn more about yourself and how you will now fit and contribute back to society. Time to take charge of your life!



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