Scholarship Benefits You in More Ways Than You Realize

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Scholarship is a great welcome and a motivating start to your college or university journey. Not only that, it brings more benefits to you in more ways than you realize, aside from helping you to manage the expensive cost:


  1. Good resume impression and talking point during interviews

Employers would notice your achievement of successfully securing a scholarship as well as your ability to maintain consistently good results throughout your studies. This will give a good impression even before your interview with the company. In addition, you will be able to share more details about why and how the scholarship have changed your life. It will help employers to get to know you better and for you to show your personality.

  1. Enhance achievement and credibility

Achieving good results is one thing. Having to produce the results during stressful periods such as SPM or Foundation shows that you are one who can cope with pressure, expectations, and show resilience. These unspoken traits will be highly appreciated by many employers as it enhances your credibility as a good employee.


  1. Belong to exclusive alumni

After securing a scholarship, you will now belong to an exclusive group or alumni consisting of all the past scholars who was awarded a scholarship from the same sponsors. Why is this important? These alumni can be your mentor and guidance throughout your studies; they can share with you the expectations of being a scholar and how to succeed well in the university. In addition, any employers who have worked with an alumni before may be more favorable for you to join their company once you graduated because they know of the quality you have over the other job candidates.

family hug

  1. Recognition to self and family

How does it feel to be known as a scholar (someone who received scholarship)? I would think that it makes you feel good about yourself and perhaps, even worth all the hard work. However, this goes beyond yourself – your family will definitely be proud of you; so, you can hold your head high and expect your scholarship be the centre of attention once in a while. What a way to improve your self-confidence!


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