8 Universities Awarded with 6-Star SETARA Ranking 2017

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A total of 8 universities were recently awarded the much coveted 6 star rating (Outstanding) by the Rating for Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia, or better know as SETARA, in their highly anticipated 2017 ratings.

No institution achieved a Tier 6 rating in SETARA’s rankings since 2013 which serves as further evidence that Malaysian education is making major improvements.

Why is this important for you to know?

The universities were rated based on four main criteria – General, Teaching and Learning, Research and Innovation, and Services. Using these 4 criteria, SETARA measures the quality of teaching and learning and awards the following ranking:

Tier 6 is considered Outstanding, Tier 5 is Excellent, and Tier 4 is Very Good.

With the SETARA ranking, it can further guide you in making an informed choice when choosing the right university. 5 and 6 star SETARA ranking gives you further assurance that you will receive high quality education and unique university experience.

These are the highlights of this year’s ratings:

SETARA 2017 Rankings

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How can I study here?

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Foundation, Diploma, & Degree scholarship programmes


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