3 Insights Why Early Childhood Education is the NEXT Big Thing

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While Engineering and Information Technology continue to dominate the major courses in Malaysia, there is a growing demand for an unexpected field of studies. This change in trend is in line with the global efforts to focus on Early Childhood Education to improve a family’s socioeconomic environment as well as bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Here are 3 insights why Early Childhood Education is the NEXT big thing:

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Student-centric, instead of results

The subtle shift of trend highlights the movement from pushing students in achieving excellent grades with all cost to the new pattern of positive guiding of child according to their natural growth and talents based on their readiness. Teachers and parents are focused on bringing out the best in children with enough room to grow that cultivates a strong sense of independence, individuality, and resilience. Simply put, it is about the student, not results.

Awareness for quality education over quantity

With more and more graduates being produced every year, there is a growing worry on how would the future generation differentiate themselves among their peers. Annual reports and survey findings indicate that graduates lack the confidence to be heard and communicate well before an audience.


The education market has now directed efforts to begin shaping future leaders at a younger age. It is a common story among parents that their children are now involved in one or combination of these classes to develop the child holistically:

Problem solving and critical thinking: Mathematics, Science, Computing

Language – based: English, Mandarin, Drama

Multiple intelligence: Swimming, Music, Gymnastic

Ripple effect to the family, society, and country

The research conducted by UNICEF in 2015 and 2016 showed that equipping young children with basic education since young is crucial in improving their family’s welfare and living environment. By investing in Early Childhood Education, young children will be able to develop important problem solving and language skills that they will need to learn more complex information. In other words, these children are agents of change as they learn faster and better when they are young.


Malaysia understands the growing importance of Early Childhood Education as early as 2013 that you can see more government and private initiatives supporting this cause. Universities and colleges are quickly developing tertiary courses to address increased demand for quality early childhood educators. For example, Kolej Dika is one of the early pioneers of early childhood education in Malaysia offering a range of Early Childhood Education and Special Education academic programmes. It has set a benchmark in the industry for its quality early childhood education programmes recognized in Malaysia and abroad.


The good news is that anyone can be an agent of change, including you. All you need is passion in working with children to bring out the best in them.

The greater news is that Kolej Dika has partnered with iScholar to offer their prestigious scholarship programme for you to pursue your studies in Early Childhood Education. Find out more today – SEED Academy Scholarship

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