Based on 5 Types of Scholarship in Malaysia, Which is Best For You?

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My experience when finding for the right scholarship was not easy. There were many paperwork to complete for each different scholarship and the application process was difficult.

Do I qualify for this scholarship?

Or that scholarship?

Is it the right one for me?

Now the same question comes back to you:

With so many scholarships out there, how do you know which scholarship you stand the best chance to win? More importantly, what are the different types of scholarship available to students?

I have compiled a comprehensive list of 5 scholarship categories to simplify your understanding.

Outstanding Scholarship

OutstandingScholarship (1)

You may have heard of this scholarship in other similar names – Leadership or Excellence Award. If you have excellent academic results, hold top positions in extra-curriculum activities, and won awards, you should apply for this scholarship as the benefits are very rewarding.

You will have tough requirements to meet such as essays, assessments, and interviews but rest assured that winning this scholarship will be very helpful in covering your tuition fees and perhaps even monthly allowance along with book allowance. Not to mention, this will look great in your list of achievements in your future resume!

Merit-based Scholarship

Merit-based scholarship

This scholarship is the most common and popular scholarship – merit-based scholarship refers to scholarship that is awarded solely or mainly based on academic results. Colleges and universities often reward this scholarship based on good academic results; for example, minimum 8As for SPM or 2As for STPM.

The total coverage of the scholarship would depend on the sponsors of government, institutions, or private companies. It could range from partial scholarship or full scholarship to cover tuition fees only but hey, every cent counts!

Needs-based Scholarship


If you have disability, from a low-income family, or have difficult family background, please do apply for this scholarship which focuses on needs. The main objective is to help you in the best possible way to succeed through education.

Selection strategy may be stringent to validate the information provided. Do expect either one or more shortlisting procedure – assessments, interviews, or essays – to shortlist qualified and deserving candidates. An example of sponsors based on needs is Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera. Do read more details on their scholarship programme on our website,

Special Scholarship

Special Scholarship (1)

Calling all athletes, musicians, and students with creative talents! This scholarship category is specially designed to emphasize on your active involvement in in extra-curricular activities. Upon receiving the scholarship, you may be expected to continue participation in your chosen activity. Time to work on refining your talents!

 Specific Scholarship

Specific Scholarship

Last but definitely not least, there are specific scholarships offered by association or society (persatuan) to help society and deserving students gain access to higher education. Some sponsors may require you to pursue a specialized field or industry of studies in university. There could be bonding duration involved after completing your studies.


The great news is that universities have listed their scholarship programmes on iScholar.

Go to iScholar to apply for your dream scholarships today!


More universities scholarships for diverse programmes will continue to come in the next few months. Head over to to iScholar for free consultation, course counselling, tips & insights on how to secure a scholarship from top universities in Malaysia



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