6 Compelling Reasons Why Institutions Reward Scholarships

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Back in February, my team and I were at our very first university fair as iScholar. While introducing our company to many parents and their post-SPM children, the magic word that caught their attention was “scholarship”. To families, scholarships are greatly welcomed to manage the ever-rising cost of higher education. However, what exactly do institutions benefit from offering out their valuable scholarships?

  1. Brand Awareness


By offering scholarships, there is a good marketing buzz among the parents and students. There is a good chance that the parents will tell other parents and students will inform their friends. Good news is worth sharing after all. The classic word-of-mouth strategy will, in turn, generate awareness and curiosity of your institution. Brilliant way to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing!

  1. Generating Leads

As you continue to gain from the marketing curiousity, interested young crowd will call, email, or talk to you for further information. You now have a good pool of potential new students (also known as leads) to your institution. Using this high interest for scholarships, this is your best chance to turn those leads into new signups!

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

students and laptops

Corporate social responsibility is a great way to continue the growth of quality society. As part of your brand awareness, take pride in the way education is making positive difference towards the nation’s talent development. Make a lasting difference in deserving students’ future by rewarding them with a well-deserved scholarship at your institution.

  1. Brand Ambassadors

Scholars are your brand ambassadors now. They are long-term investment and a testimonial of the quality of your institution’s education. Being a scholar quickly becomes a part of their identity. “Hi! I am Bob, and I am a scholar of SC College!” It is a proud achievement for any student to land a scholarship and they will be proud to embody that. This will go long and far in their career as well.


  1. Industry Specialization


Meanwhile, attaching a specific field to your scholarship highlights the strength of your education programme and finding the best talents for your institution. For example, if you are knowledgeable in Visual Arts and Design, attract top students who are passionate in this field and shape them to be the next experts, all at your institution!

  1. Corporate Partnership

Partner with corporates to match your programme expertise with their career opportunities. In addition, you can work with them for a joint partnership or scholarship which serves as a win-win-win situation for you, corporates, and students. Triple wow!

We can help you too!

With more than 5000 registered student profiles in less than 6 months, iScholar is in a strategic position to continue market outreach to potential students around Malaysia and Asia. Work with us to gain more potential students at your institution!



Written by Melanie Mok


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