4 Ways to Learn New Information Quickly and Effectively

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Did you know that there are more than 1 style of learning? Maybe because I have mostly known to do lots of reading and writing; so, it was quite fun to know that there are other effective ways to learn which I did use it in university.

What you see is what you learn

Pythagoras Theorom_gif

Another way of learning “a2 + b2 = c2

Sourced from Educational GIFs

Do you feel you learn better through mindmaps and highlights? You may be a visual learner!

Brighten up your learning using videos and GIFs (as given example above). You prefer to watch how to dissect a frog and draw lines to show the journey of how to become a millionaire by 30. Use plenty of colours to indicate the importance of the information. You are more likely to remember information when you see it being applied on problems.

Alternative: Create a story using pictures, maps, and illustrations when you are studying.

 Listen, listen, listen!


If you like to hum or play music in your mind, you are most likely an auditory learner!

You can remember song lyrics from a long time ago; it’s time to use music to help you study better by transforming theories into songs! Find a catchy song tune and change the lyrics to include theories and examples. Combine this with visual learning to enhance your learning quickly.

p.s. Did you know that there is a song to learn different parts of the brain? Listen to it here and see how much you learn!

Where is my book and pen?

my plan

This is one that we are most familiar with – learning best through reading and writing. We pour hours and hours onto books and questions as part of practice makes perfect. The key to using this strategy is to write the notes in your own words and understanding. Use your own examples to further enhance your learning.

Alternative: How did you remember the colours of the rainbow? You most likely took all the first letters of all 7 colours and create a new word; this strategy is called mnemonic. What are other examples have you tried using the mnemonic learning?

 Move your body


Last but not least, you can use all parts of your body to learn new knowledge. The kinesthetic strategy encourage you to learn through doing using your hands and other parts of the body. Imagine you are like a dancer or ballerina as pictured above. You can use this strategy to relate to your personal experience as examples to help you understand theories and concepts!


You can always use more than 1 strategy such as visual and auditory,

or reading and auditory,

or kinesthetic and visual.

Now that you know of the 4 most popular learning styles, which one works best for you?


Written by Melanie Mok


p.s. Did you know that you just learned about the VARK learning style?

Visual, Auditory, Reading & writing, Kinesthetic!

Now, what is the learning strategy to help you remember the meaning of VARK? Find the answer somewhere in this article!


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