5 University Achievements That Employers Look For

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Am I able to compete with other graduates when I start finding for a job?

Will my university journey be fun aside from studying?

How do I develop in other skills, enjoy new experiences, and turn into an achievement for my resume?

  1. Lead student council & make a change


Start from bottom and make your way to the top

Imagine student council is the company you are working at. You will be working with the same team for a year, and you may be re-elected for a higher position for the next year (similar to a hypothetical promotion). Most importantly, being in the student council gives you the opportunity to work with many people – students, lecturers, staff, and management. You will learn to develop good diplomatic communication and conflict management skills when dealing with different personalities. Good practice for your career and groupwork!

Related corporate skills: Leadership, change management, administration

  1. Volunteer

hands together

Being a volunteer takes time, commitment, and own initiative based on passion and hardwork to achieve a selfless goal. The reasons of why you choose to volunteer your free time will be good sharing during your interview with future employers. Some tasks could include working with paperwork, meeting new donors, teaching children who are less fortunate, or building a house. Gain more experience through these organizations around you in Malaysia – Do Something Good, Mercy Malaysia, WWF Malaysia, World Vision, and UNHCR.

Related corporate skills: Initiative, time management, teamwork

  1. Join established clubs and societies


Benefits of joining established clubs and societies include recognition from fellow alumni, good mentoring from seniors, and opportunity to develop network from different countries and districts. Most clubs and societies mimic the working environment of a corporate world. You will be working with individuals from different nationality and districts along with consistent meetings. No worries, you get to work on fun activities too! Start developing your skills and join these established clubs and societies – AIESEC, Toastmasters, Leo Club, Boy’s Brigade, and Stedfast Association.

Related corporate skills: Leadership, community service, empowerment

  1. Special Award


President’s award, Dean’s List, Valedictorian

Did you know that your university hands out special awards? These achievements are rare and highly respected. You may have heard of President’s Award, Dean’s List, and Valedictorian. You are encouraged to be an all-rounder, which means have excellent academic results and consistently active in university activities. The journey to achieve these awards are very difficult; hence, only the toughest and most determined individuals succeed. Employers are sure to pay more attention to these achievements as you will stand out from the crowd!

Related corporate skills: Perseverance, clear target on goal, confident

  1. Start own events


Workshops, event, fundraisers

Are you knowledgeable in baking, photography, programming, Adobe photoshop, Advanced Microsoft skills, leather handcraft, or oil painting? If you have a skill that others are very interested to learn about, why not set up a workshop? You can turn those skills into a fundraiser or an event! You may be able to make some pocket money along the way too. Setting up your workshop or event requires you to be resourceful in finding venue and materials, marketing skills to find sponsors and participants, and creative to entertain registered participants throughout the session.

Related corporate skills: Creativity, resourcefulness, courage

Tag your friends to do these activities together. The more, the merrier!


That’s not all…

What else do you need to know to survive and thrive in university?

The answer is here – Take me there


Written by Melanie Mok

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