Interesting and Unusual University Assignments

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One of the best (and scariest) experience in university is the assignment. A typical assignment would involve brainstorming ideas, researching, executing, and writing a report. It may sound dull but it isn’t always have to be that way.

Just as how workplace is becoming more creative in culturing a fun environment, lecturers are assigning interesting work that will make learning even cooler than before!


video camera

  1. Stop motion video

What better way to make your audience understand a message than through a video! Stop motion video has been on the rise for 5 years and is popular for its simplicity. It does take long hours to create and produce hundreds of pictures, time it quickly. However, as one student said “My team scored full marks for the assignments, so it is worth the effort and late nights!”

  1. Stage a play about a theory

“Our lecturer assigned us to choose a criminal to stage a play so that we could analyze its behavior. We had to research the movements and thoughts behind every action in our play” – an experience shared by a psychology graduate. Talk about interesting strategy to study and complete assignments at the same time! *A side note of this assignment include preparing a report and the analysis of behavior because university needs to have proof of work too.

In Action

anger management

  1. Fix your bad habit

Who is in the better position to fix your bad habit.. than yourself?

“We had to identify one really bad habit, research on why and how we developed this habit, and how to overcome this. Though it did not stop my smoking, I did reduce the number of cigarettes I smoked everyday. In fact, it made me more curious as to why would I continue to smoke when I know it is bad for myself. To everyone out there, read more on this – cognitive dissonance. ”

  1. Interview acupuncturist

Mass communication graduate shared with us on her experience of interviewing an acupuncturist and then being poked by the needles!

“I can’t remember why we chose to interview an acupuncturist, perhaps it’s because it is not a common topic. The person showed us the science and art of the needle; then, he requested for me, out of my groupmates, to be part of the demonstration! Well, at least I had a free treatment and I slept very well that night.”



  1. Marriage and eggs

Imagine this – you go for class one day and leave the lecture being“married”. One lecturer decided to introduce this assignment as part of Gender Studies class which include developing a career path as a couple and have pretend kid(s) in the form of eggs!

The rationale behind this assignment is to get to know yourself better and preparing you for the future. Talk about long-term goals!

  1. Simulate a law firm in university… for one year

Get placed in a group and work with them for one year. You might even get a chance to watch a judge in action and the proceedings as part of the lawyer team. Will there be conflict? Yes. Will there be fun times? Yes. Will there be stressful nights? Definitely.

  1. Real-life business proposal

Do you envision yourself to be an entrepreneur? Why not start as young as in your university days? Some lecturers are beginning to bring in actual investors to fund ideas and startups though the whole project is for an investment. Dress up, present, and be questioned by these business experts in the field. Get your work done, and make money. Who doesn’t want that?

The great thing about all these assignment ideas is that research does not have to remain dull. You should do your best to score the best marks for the assignments; that you can include these achievements in your resume and interview!

If you have done any crazier assignments, let us know in the comments below!

*All interviewees are individuals who shared their experience anonymously

Written by Melanie Mok

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