Personality Test – How It Can Benefit You in University and Future Career (part 2/2)

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…Continue from last week’s article

Hi there, welcome back!

Last week’s articles took a sneak peak into the personality test of RIASEC. John Holland, a psychologist, narrowed down 6 forms of personality aspects that he believes each of us have, but with different degree of strengths. We explored three of the codes last week (Realistic, Investigative, and Artistic) and will continue with the remaining three codes this week – Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

RIASEC calculates and selects the top 3 scores of each forms of personality. Once you have completed the test, you will be given a unique 3 letter code from the abbreviation RIASEC. You have all 6 forms of personality with different degree of strengths. Hence, your code may change from time to time.

Key note: Personality tests are designed to help you understand yourself. It is in no way an indication of who you truly are and the tests results may change over time as it depends on your answers and experience.


Do you have high strong empathy for friends, family, and people around you? As a people-person, you tend to have well developed communication skills who enjoys working with others. Hence, you are often seen as a good leader because you listen to others more than you speak. You tend to deal with people through feelings rather than facts and figures.

Description : Caring, responsible, helpful, empathetic, patient

Values : Relationships, cooperation, personal growth

Enjoys : Helping and encouraging others, guiding, training, leading discussions

Dislikes : Clear lines of authority, results-driven environment, dilemma

Preferred environment : Collaborative, supportive, comfortable

In a team : Peacekeeper in the team, resolves or minimizes conflicts, willing to compromise for others

Suggested degree courses : Education, Psychology, Nursing, Health Science

Possible career options : Teacher, counselor, athlete trainer, medical assistant


If you have high expectations and enjoy power positions, you may have high interest area of Persuasion. You are often teased as “the boss” as you are driven to achieve clear results. You thrive in business settings and attend social events to create more networks for business opportunities.

Description : Ambitious, competitive, risk-taker, adventurer, energetic, self-confident

Values : Status, power, excitement, material possessions

Enjoys : Selling and purchasing, debating ideas, leading groups, giving speeches and presentations

Dislikes : Being compared to someone else, confused instructions, delays

Preferred environment : Fast-paced, profit-making, influential

In a team : Makes decisions quickly, clear sense of target, enjoys recognition

Suggested degree courses : Finance, Business Administration, Law, Political Science

Possible career options : Corporate director, entrepreneur, travel agent, real estate agent


The key aspect of individuals scoring high in Conventional is Organizing. If you like to work with numerical data and paying close attention to details, you would also enjoy statistics, structure with clear rules and expectations of you, as well as record-keeping. Efficiency is important to you.

Description : team-oriented, organized, accurate, controlled, systematic

Values : Precision, predictability, stability, security

Enjoys : Organizing information, writing business reports, making charts and graphs

Dislikes : Sudden changes, last-minute work, dealing with emotions

Preferred environment : Indoors, hierarchical, clean

In a team : High on conservativeness which is important to fix issues before it happens, emphasize deadlines

Suggested degree courses : Actuarial science, Information Technology, accounting, business administration

Possible career options : Accountant, actuary, financial analyst, military


Now that you know all 6 different areas, does your code (combination of 3 letters) describe you correctly? Send us an email or direct message us at our social media, Instagram and Facebook for more explanations on RIASEC and how you can further benefit from this personality test.

Written by Melanie Mok



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