Personality Test – How It Can Benefit You in University and Future Career (part 1/2)

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Personality test is a common measurement used by universities and workplace to understand different personalities. By understanding it, one can further explore their own and others’ strength. How do you take advantage of this useful tool for your university and career journey?



All personality tests have one goal in common – to further understand the complex personalities and to bring out the best from each forms of personalities. One of the most useful personality test developed thus far is John Holland’s RIASEC test. He categorized individuals into 6 groups – Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

This test creates a personality code by calculating the scores for all 6 section and selecting the top three scores. Once you know your code, read more on what each personality area and how it can help you understand other personalities. This is particularly useful when you are working in group work in university and workplace. Use strengths from each personality and you will have a great team!


Find out your personality code here – our personality test.


Key note: Personality tests are designed to help you understand yourself. It is in no way an indication of who you truly are and the tests results may change over time as it depends on your answers and experience.

The interest area for individuals scoring high on Realistic is building. You like a hands-on approach which involves the use of tools, machines, equipment, and physical skills. You enjoy outdoor activities and freedom to work with plants and animals.

Description : Reliable, persistent, self-reliant, practical

Values : Making things work, common sense, physical challenge, tradition

Enjoys : Fixing and repairing, solving concrete problems, working alone, producing tangible and visible results

Dislikes : Abstract ideas, projects with high reliance on others

Preferred environment : Organized and structures, clear authority, manufacturing and industrial

In a team : Offers practical solutions, prefers execution stage, enjoys on-the-scene work

Suggested degree courses : Physical Education, Engineering, Agriculture, and Architecture

Possible career options : Wildlife manager, mechanic, engineer, Quality Control Department


If you have high Investigative score, you will be attracted to Thinking and Analyzing work. You enjoy collecting information and analyzing data and information. You show high curiosity to your surroundings and relies on logical approach to solve problems.

Description : Thoughtful, independent, original, introspective

Values : New ideas, innovative thinking, intelligence, academic achievement

Enjoys : Solving abstract problems, conducting research, working independently with minimal supervision and structure

Dislikes : routine work, lack of intellectual challenge at workplace

Preferred environment : Scientific, scholarly, indoors, task-oriented

In a team : Important for the development of new ideas, good for startups, consistent suggestions to improve existing things or way of thinking, analyzing to produce new solutions

Suggested degree courses : Chemistry, Computer Science, Nutrition, Medicine

Possible career options : Pharmacist, computer programmer, doctor, lecturer


Being able to express yourself through your work is crucial to you. You thrive in environments or situations that encourages creativity and originality such as music, words, movement, and images. You are not afraid to take risks and experiment new techniques and ideas that shows who you are and how you feel. Sounds like you?

Description : Impulsive, unconventional, intuitive, sensitive, idealistic

Values : Freedom, language, emotions, change

Enjoys : Writing, acting and performing, designing, conceptualizing

Dislikes : Being controlled, multiple deadlines, working in a 9-to-5 environment

Preferred environment : Unstructured, flexible, indoors

In a team : Willing to suggest alternate ideas, high appreciation for minimal supervision

Suggested degree courses : Communication, Philosophy, Fashion Design, Music and/or Theatre

Possible career options : Journalist, advertisement executive, interior designer

For the remaining 3 codes and the explanations, stay tune to next week’s article! Remember, RIASEC calculates the top 3 scores for each section; Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. You have all 6 forms of personality with different degree of strengths. Hence, your code may change from time to time.

Find out your personality code here – our personality test.

Written by Melanie Mok


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