Decoding University Major: Post-SPM Dilemma

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Now what?

This is the question you will have as a student. Throughout 17 years of your life, you have a good and predictable structure to follow – study and get good grades in primary school, secondary school, and finally SPM or O-Levels.

What next?

Where do you go from here?

How do you decide a course that could determine your career and job?


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Part I: How do you decide the next step for your future?

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Take the time to ask yourself honest questions. What are you good at? List down 5 things that come to your mind. What are you least interested in? List down 5 things again. Compare your strengths and weaknesses with your high school subjects.



Alternatively, you can list the courses that you might be interested in and compare it against your SPM/O-Levels/high school subjects that you are confident and not confident in. Remove the courses that have subjects you are not confident to study in.


  1. What drives you to continue doing what you like?

Passion and interest take you a long way even when you are stressed and demotivated. Ask yourself, what excites you to wake up early in the morning or stay up all night? Do you like helping people? Do you want to save lives? Do you want to ensure that the law is respected and fair to all? Take a free personality test to discover yourself better – who am I?

  1. How committed are you in realizing your ambitions?

The famous sayings of “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. The question is how determined are you to overcome the challenges and stresses in achieving your goals? How much stress can you manage and for how long? Different majors lead to different amount of stress level during studying and working. Are you able to withstand long hours without sleep? Can you work alone at your desk? Are you willing to travel and meet individuals of varying personalities and status?

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  1. What are the top 3 achievements you must achieve in your career?

Close your eyes and imagine how do you look after working for 10 years. Are you surrounded with certificates of achievement? Do you see yourself being rich with secure finances or happy with basic needs? What motivation and recognition do you want? Do you want a Masters and Ph.D? Do you want to create more breakthrough technology such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk?


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Deciding your major is a key step. Take your time to ask yourself these questions and write honest answers for each question. You will be surprised that there are major clues in choosing the next step to your university journey.

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